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May 20, 2022 May 22, 2022

Time Show Episode Image
12:00am Three Busy Debras The Milk Drought Adult Swim
2022-05-21 0000am Three Busy Debras.png
12:15am The Great Debpression Adult Swim
2022-05-21 0015am Three Busy Debras.png
12:30am The Honorable Order of the Debras Adult Swim
2022-05-21 0030am Three Busy Debras.png
12:45am To Have Debra, to Hold Debra Adult Swim
2022-05-21 0045am Three Busy Debras.png
1:00am Operation: Seal Team Debra Adult Swim
2022-05-21 0100am Three Busy Debras.png
1:15am Who Has Done It? Adult Swim
2022-05-21 0115am Three Busy Debras.png
1:30am Debra Gets a Boyfriend Adult Swim
2022-05-21 0130am Three Busy Debras.png
1:45am Women's History Hour Adult Swim
2022-05-21 0145am Three Busy Debras.png
2:00am Futurama The Late Phillip J. Fry Adult Swim
2022-05-21 0200am Futurama.png
2:30am That Darn Katz! Adult Swim
2022-05-21 0230am Futurama.png
3:00am A Clockwork Origin Adult Swim
2022-05-21 0300am Futurama.png
3:30am The Prisoner of Benda Adult Swim
2022-05-21 0330am Futurama.png
4:00am King of the Hill Hank's Back Adult Swim
2022-05-21 0400am King of the Hill.png
4:30am The Redneck on Rainey Street Adult Swim
2022-05-21 0430am King of the Hill.png
5:00am Girl, You'll Be a Giant Soon Adult Swim
2022-05-21 0500am King of the Hill.png
5:30am Stressed for Success Adult Swim
2022-05-21 0530am King of the Hill.png
6:00am Teen Titans Go! Batman v. Teen Titans: Dark Injustice
2022-05-21 0600am Teen Titans Go!.png
6:15am Booty Scooty
2022-05-21 0615am Teen Titans Go!.png
6:30am Wally T
6:45am Who's Laughing Now
7:00am Teen Titans Hide and Seek
7:30am Lightspeed
8:00am Teen Titans Go! Squash & Stretch
8:10am Rad Dudes with Bad Tudes
8:20am Oregon Trail
8:30am History Lesson
8:45am Snuggle Time
9:00am We Baby Bears Baby Bear Genius
9:15am The Magical Box
9:30am Snow Place Like Home
9:45am Bears and the Beanstalk
10:00am Total DramaRama Cuttin' Corners
10:15am Sharing Is Caring
10:30am Ant We All Just Get Along
10:40am Cone in 60 Seconds
10:50am Lie-Ranosaurus Wrecked
11:00am The Bad Guy Busters
2022-05-21 1100am Total DramaRama.png
11:15am That's a Wrap
2022-05-21 1115am Total DramaRama.png
11:30am We Baby Bears Bears in the Dark
2022-05-21 1130am We Baby Bears.png
11:45am Sheep Bears
2022-05-21 1145am We Baby Bears.png
12:00pm Teen Titans Go! The Art of Ninjutsu
12:15pm Oh Yeah!
12:30pm Think About Your Future
12:40pm Riding the Dragon
12:50pm Animals: It's Just a Word!
1:00pm Operation Dude Rescue
1:30pm We Baby Bears Panda's Family
1:45pm Ice Bear's Pet
2:00pm Craig of the Creek You're It
2022-05-21 1400pm Craig of the Creek.png
2:15pm Too Many Treasures
2022-05-21 1415pm Craig of the Creek.png
2:30pm Itch to Explore
2022-05-21 1430pm Craig of the Creek.png
2:45pm The Final Book
2022-05-21 1445pm Craig of the Creek.png
3:00pm Jessica Goes to the Creek
3:15pm Wildernessa
3:30pm We Baby Bears Dragon Pests
3:45pm Boo-Dunnit
4:00pm The Amazing World of Gumball The Butterfly / The Question
4:30pm The Oracle / The Safety
5:00pm The Friend / The Saint
5:25pm The Romantic
5:35pm The Society / The Spoiler
6:00pm Hotel for Dogs (2009)
2022-05-21 1800pm Hotel for Dogs.png
7:45pm Teen Titans Go! The Chaff
2022-05-21 1945pm Teen Titans Go!.png
8:00pm King of the Hill Talking Shop Adult Swim
2022-05-21 2000pm King of the Hill.png
8:30pm A Rover Runs Through It Adult Swim
2022-05-21 2030pm King of the Hill.png
9:00pm Futurama Mobius Dick Adult Swim
2022-05-21 2100pm Futurama.png
9:30pm Fry Am the Egg Man Adult Swim
2022-05-21 2130pm Futurama.png
10:00pm American Dad! No Weddings and a Funeral Adult Swim
2022-05-21 2200pm American Dad!.png
10:30pm Eight Fires Adult Swim
2022-05-21 2230pm American Dad!.png
11:00pm The Hand That Rocks the Rogu Adult Swim
2022-05-21 2300pm American Dad!.png
11:30pm Rick and Morty A Rickconvenient Mort Adult Swim
2022-05-21 2330pm Rick and Morty.png

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