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June 26, 2022 June 28, 2022

Time Show Episode Image
12:00am Birdgirl The Wanky Adult Swim
12:30am Tuca & Bertie The Dance Adult Swim
1:00am Three Busy Debras Debra Gets a Boyfriend Adult Swim
1:15am Women's History Hour Adult Swim
1:30am American Dad! Cry Baby Adult Swim
2:00am American Dad Graffito Adult Swim
2:30am Rick and Morty The Vat of Acid Adult Swim
3:00am Birdgirl Fli on Your Own Supply Adult Swim
3:30am The Wanky Adult Swim
4:00am Futurama Free Will Hunting Adult Swim
4:30am Near-Death Wish Adult Swim
5:00am King of the Hill Uh Oh Canada Adult Swim
5:30am The Boy Can't Help It Adult Swim
6:00am Pocoyo Tiny Fun Park New '22 Cartoonito
6:10am Rock Is a Hard Place Cartoonito
6:20am Bing Season Finale! Show New '22 Cartoonito
2022-06-27 0620am Bing.png
6:30am Cocomelon Clean Machine / Daddy Daughter Beach Day / The Most Compost / Pizza Song / JJ's New Year's Resolution / Stick to It / Counting Apples at the Farm Cartoonito
7:00am Pretend Play Song / First Day of School / Three Little Pigs / The Duck Hide and Seek Side Song / Ten in the Bed / The Country Mouse and the City Mouse Cartoonito
7:30am My Daddy Song / John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt / Music Song / Funny Face Song / My Big Brother Song / Nap Time Song / My Body Song Cartoonito
8:00am Lellobee City Farm The Penguin Dance / ABC Song - Learn Phonics / Yes Yes Vegetables Song - Healthy Habits / No Monsters Scared of the Dark Cartoonito
8:15am Blippi Wonders First Car New '22 / Crane / Rainbow Colors / Garbage Truck Cartoonito
8:30am Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go Skiff Sails Sodor New '22 Cartoonito
8:45am A New View for Thomas Cartoonito
9:00am Mecha Builders They Sent Us a Pie / Dust in the Wind Cartoonito
9:30am Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go Whistle Woes Cartoonito
9:45am Something to Remember Cartoonito
10:00am Craig of the Creek Cousin of the Creek
10:15am Mortimor to the Rescue
10:30am Creek Daycare
10:45am Secret in a Bottle
11:00am Sugar Smugglers
11:15am Trading Day
11:30am Sleepover at JP's
11:45am Crisis at Elder Rock
12:00pm Teen Titans Go! Uncle Jokes / Mas Y Menos
12:30pm Dreams / Grandma Voice
1:00pm Real Magic / Puppets, Whaaaaat?
1:30pm Mr. Butt / Man Person
2:00pm The Amazing World of Gumball The Pizza / The Lie
2:30pm The Butterfly / The Question
3:00pm The Oracle / The Safety
3:30pm The Friend / The Saint
4:00pm We Baby Bears Baba Yaga House
4:15pm Panda's Family
4:30pm Craig of the Creek Jessica Shorts
4:45pm The Ground Is Lava!
5:00pm Ferret Quest
5:15pm Council of the Creek: Operation Hive-Mind
5:30pm Into the Overpast
5:45pm The Bike Thief
6:00pm Steven Universe Steven the Sword Fighter Proud to Be You Marathon
2022-06-27 1800pm Steven Universe.jpg
6:15pm Jail Break Proud to Be You Marathon
2022-06-27 1815pm Steven Universe.png
6:30pm Sworn to the Sword Proud to Be You Marathon
2022-06-27 1830pm Steven Universe.png
6:45pm We Need to Talk Proud to Be You Marathon
2022-06-27 1845pm Steven Universe.png
7:00pm Historical Friction Proud to Be You Marathon
2022-06-27 1900pm Steven Universe.jpg
7:15pm Mr. Greg Proud to Be You Marathon
2022-06-27 1915pm Steven Universe.png
7:30pm Gem Hunt Proud to Be You Marathon
2022-06-27 1930pm Steven Universe.png
7:45pm Last One Out of Beach City Proud to Be You Marathon
2022-06-27 1945pm Steven Universe.png
8:00pm King of the Hill To Sirloin with Love Adult Swim
2022-06-27 2000pm King of the Hill.jpg
8:30pm The Honeymooners Adult Swim
2022-06-27 2030pm King of the Hill.jpg
9:00pm Bob's Burgers Family Fracas Adult Swim
2022-06-27 2100pm Bob's Burgers.jpg
9:30pm The Kids Run the Restaurant Adult Swim
2022-06-27 2130pm Bob's Burgers.jpg
10:00pm American Dad! Family Affair Adult Swim
2022-06-27 2200pm American Dad!.jpg
10:30pm Live and Let Fry Adult Swim
2022-06-27 2230pm American Dad!.jpg
11:00pm Roy Rogers McFreely Adult Swim
2022-06-27 2300pm American Dad!.jpg
11:30pm Rick and Morty Never Ricking Morty Adult Swim
2022-06-27 2330pm Rick and Morty.jpg
Notes and Highlights
  • Steven Universe reruns return all this week in honor of Pride Month.

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